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What can you give someone that you want to rotate in the microwave, or examine like a bug in a jar that can really convey how you feel? Absolutely unhinged little school-style valentines, that's what.

This two-page PDF contains a page of twelve valentines of various vibes that encompass feelings from the romantic to the not, and several shades in between. You don't have to love someone to want to be their nemesis, after all. The second sheet of the PDF lists (and links) the original Tumblr post sources of sentiment.

The PDF is formatted to print in black and white on letter-size paper and th  first page should hopefully not make your printer get angry about bumping up too close to the margins. Dotted lines indicate where you can cut the valentines apart and you may want to trim the excess white border according to taste.


OTP Valentines-linkable.pdf 1 MB

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