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Made to be printed out on cardstock or heavier paper (it doesn't have to be too thick, just sturdy!), this simple animated disc only needs one brad to finish it off after you've cut it out.


1. Print out on cardstock.
2. Cut the circle out (solid lines).
3. Cut out slits (solid lines).
4. Cut out handle. (solid lines).
5. Attach to handle with a brad (use the "x" as a guide).


  • Disc isn't turning easily.
    • Enlarge the hole in the centre of the disc until it spins freely.
    • Fiddle with the brad so it isn't holding the disc too tightly to the handle.
  • Hard to see through the slits.
    • Carefully trim the slits a little wider (cut on or outside the lines, rather than inside the lines).
  • The animation seems choppy.
    • It's a pretty simple animated toy! But you can control the smoothness by playing with how fast you spin the disc.

CategoryPhysical game
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